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First see software demo, and after that you can order it. lededit is an online and offline pixel led programmer. it's very easy to use. the pixel led programming is very fast. it's best to use this software. Features: Offline programmming Online programmming Continuous programming Write and delete pixel by pixel Calculate the highest brightness Remove programmed pixel Programmer can use even on multilayer display like 3D. Use online programing, you can use 3G or WIFI connection to connect the LED display. The seller has used cookies to analyze your navigation in the following ways: Keeping track of cookies that you have already selected in your cart, to let us know that you want to purchase something. Storing your session so you are not asked to login repeatedly, or your session expires. Analyzing mouse and cursor movements so that the site is ready for your navigation and browsing habits. Loging your navigation so that the site's navigation is ready for your next visit. Analyzing the site usage so that the site navigation is tailored to your preferences. Storing information on the last site that you visited, so you don't have to login repeatedly. What is a cookie? A cookie is a small piece of data that a website sends to your browser while you are browsing. It allows the website to collect anonymous data about your visit, and to recognize you when you return. How to disable cookies? You can choose to control cookies on the websites that you visit. Most major browsers allow you to manage cookies directly, but you can also use third party cookies. How to delete cookies? There are several ways to delete the cookies: Control cookies Privacy settings Browser settings How to manage cookies Some browsers support the use of cookies directly. In general, the most used method to manage cookies is to use the browser settings. The default configuration for most browsers is to accept cookies. You can customize your browser's options so you can accept or reject cookies from a specific website. Most browsers allow you to control cookies directly. You can use this method to disable the cookies on a website. You can choose whether to accept or reject cookies on a website. You can remove cookies stored by a website




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Led Edit 2012 Download

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